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Spot Electric Scooter

"spot" is an electric scooter, intended for "last mile" use. Its purpose is to provide a solution for urban traffic and parking. Its owner can reach the city by car, train, or bus when the light-weight scooter is in a folded position, and travel with it easily within the city center.

In the process, I was influenced by the minimal and clean Japanese design and the shape of the growing Bamboo.

Unlike most commercial electric scooters, due to their minimal, but still luxurious design, "Spot" is appealing and inviting for a ride.

Length: 75 cm, width: 15 cm, height: open 105 cm, folded 27 cm.



A collaboration with "LEXUS"


Spot (4).jpg
Roee Magdassi8.jpg
Roee Magdassi2.jpg
Roee Magdassi4.jpg
Roee Magdassi6.jpg
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