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Moat_Candle_holder_Roee_Magdassi_photo_Vera_Vladimirsky_Low_res (1).jpg

Moat 3.0 Candle Holder

The smallest of the series, designed to hold both regular and tea candles in endless possible combinations. The elevated inner tray can contain up to three tea candles, while the outer “canal” can hold multiple regular candles. 

A part of the Moat collection- A series of three accessories inspired by moats surrounding ancient castles or towns.
All pieces share a basic structure: A central elevated vessel, surrounded by an external “canal” tray.  Thin handles, functioning as a bridge between the two, creates a bold graphic presence.



Client: Free to edition

Photography: Vera Vladimirsky

Moat_Candle_holder_Roee_Magdassi_photo_Vera_Vladimirsky_Low_res (2).jpg
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