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Moat_Bowl_Roee_Magdassi_photo_Vera_Vladimirsky_Low_res (2).jpg

Moat 1.0 Bowl/Tray

With high-arched carrying handles and a strong character, the outer tray has a wide and curved cut, perfect for fruits or floral arrangements, while the elevated vessel can hold another composition option for the same elements or contain smaller elements such as nuts.

A part of the Moat collection- A series of three accessories inspired by moats surrounding ancient castles or towns.
All pieces share a basic structure: A central elevated vessel, surrounded by an external “canal” tray.  Thin handles, functioning as a bridge between the two, creates a bold graphic presence.


Client: Free to edition

Photography: Vera Vladimirsky

Moat_Bowl_Roee_Magdassi_photo_Vera_Vladimirsky_Low_res (3).jpg
Moat_Bowl_Roee_Magdassi_photo_Vera_Vladimirsky_Low_res (3).jpg
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