A series of head trophies, based on low-tech technologies.

We combined local materials that we found in the Dead Sea area, such as branches and leather with industrial materials we brought from the workshop- plastic and concrete.

We wanted to create tension, walking on the border between the domesticated industrial world and the unexpected wild.

In opposed to the wild animal being hunted and domesticated as a head trophy, we took the industrial, man-made materials and used them in a wild way.

We built disposable molds (made of cardboard and aluminum foil) of two figures: a deer and a walrus, intended for two technologies- plastic rotation and concrete casting.

In these technologies there are many factors that affect the final result- for example, the heating time in the rotation oven, the density of the cement mixture, or the inaccurate forming of the mold.The rapid and intuitive making process enabled a lot of freedom and room for coincidence, which granted each figure its own unique characteristic.



Client: Free to edition

In collaboration with Lilach Greenblatt.

Photography: Eli Singalovski


A series of concrete casted creatures with wooden inserts.

Photography: Eli Singalovski

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