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This project deals with the different approaches of children and grown-ups regarding the world in general, and objects such as furniture in particular.

This chair which may be used in two different ways. On one hand, while seating in a regular position it keeps a clean and minimal appearance which fits the "grown-ups" world. On the other hand, this simple shape intrigues the imagination of the kid and "turns" the chair into an unknown creature. The kid can sit on it opposite to the adult position and swing while using it as a rocking chair.

"Creachair" presents a transition between the adults' and the children's' worlds. It lets them switch roles while the adults can also take a break, fool around and behave childish.   

The shape and radius of the rockers is based on moderate angles, enabling rocking when needed but also provides comfort and stability while sitting.


I explored the meeting points between the "children's world" and the "adult's world" through the furniture to illustrate the differences, the similarities and when the two worlds become indistinguishable.



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